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Sorry in advance for the long post.

I'm not generally one to announce it to the world when I have a bad service experience, but since this one has lasted pretty much since the day I purchased my car I think I'll let off a bit of steam.
I just got my car back after Wilson Motors having it since the 20th of September chasing numerous rattles from various places in the interior. That was the fourth time they've had the car for an extended period for the same thing, although the longest by far. Each time they've had it, They've given it back saying it is fixed and it's been the same or worse each time. I will say that the car is much quieter than it was before, but the main high pitched metal on metal tick that I think we're all familiar with is there. After the car was dropped off (they brought it by my shop for me which I thought was nice of them) I went to pull in onto the rack to check fitment for the new wheels and noticed several gouges in the drivers rocker panel.

A bit of background:
The day that I was supposed to take delivery of the car, I was told I couldn't because the service department hadn't gotten around to putting a radio in it although I had been told it was on the schedule for first thing that morning.
When they put the dealer plate on the front, they managed to put several light scratches in the front bumper. Not the end of the world, but not very professional.
A week or so later when my plates arrived, they were nice enough to put a standoff they had laying around behind the plate to avoid scratching the car up anymore, but when the kid screwed it back on, he waaaay over tightened it and stripped out the holes. Nice job. Then the same kid used a razor blade to remove the tape holding up the paper temporary plate in the back window.
Fast forward a couple of weeks and I notice my rear defroster doesn't work.
I bring them the car and they find a broken line going across the window. Thanks kid.
The correct way to fix it unfortunately is to replace the window. At first, the service manager flatly and quite rudely refuses and tells the tech to get the paint on stuff from NAPA and fix it that way.
Here are a couple of shots of the results:

Nice huh?
So one look at this was enough to get a new window coming.
A little less than a month later the new window arrived. The co-owner of the dealership Bob Wilson, a very nice guy, called and told me they had contracted the best glass shop in town to replace the window for them.
When I picked up the car after that, the rear bumper had several deep gouges in it and there was some wiring hanging out from under the interior panels on the hatch.
Nice work fellas.
The body shop Wilson recommended to fix the damage seemed very nice and I figured they were going to handle it quickly and professionally. I had a nice chat with the owners while they evaluated the damage and printed up a quote for me to take back over to Wilson.
So Wilson says go for it and I make an appointment and bring them the car to repair and re-spray the rear bumper.
When they finish I make arrangements to pick the car up after hours. When I get the car, the whole back of the thing is covered in specks of dried polishing compound and a couple of new light scratches have appeared on it.
I tell them what I found and ask that they wash it, remove the polishing compound and wax it. They say to bring it in and they will take care of it. I bring it in and they have a guy pretty much rinse the car off and tell me they are "not interested in waxing it". Thanks for the great job D&L Autobody and thanks for the referral Wilson.
Since then, every time I've brought the car to them, something has been mis-handled. I've been late to work on two occasions because a promised loaner car has not been available and the service writer that promised it was gone for a week, been told by the same technician that I should "just turn up the radio" when telling him about rattles, and that he is "done with this car".
I don't think of myself as a particularly picky person, but I have found myself wishing I'd either gone somewhere else or bought an old pickup truck instead lately.
Am I out of line?

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That sucks man... now we know not to trust any dealerships and body shops in Bellingham...

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BBB is a sham and rarely does anything significant. Besides, how many people check with BBB before they decide to do business?

Ask yourself one question about the BBB. Who pays for it? The businesses do. Tell me how well you expect that to work.
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