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Im wondering if anyone would know how to take out the govern chip or how can i make my scion revv higher?? so if anyone knows please!! tell me...

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Uhhhhhhhh, why?
Haha... sorry, but why would you want to do that? Just because the gauge goes up to 140mph doesnt mean the car can/should go that fast. I would put my money on the tC actually making 140, but at what rpm? Deffinitely over 6200... You could presumably run the engine a little over that without blowing the engine, but why would you want to risk it? Talk about a fast way to destroy your car.
if you really want to go that fast, make sure you have money for:
1. A new engine
2. A car made to go at those speeds (above 127)
5-speed tC can go 138 till it hits the redline in 5th gear, and auto can theoretically go 162, but that's theoretically.

So unless you rebuilt your engine - leave the redline and top speed alone.

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Looks like Labfish has got another potential member for CBA
. I would not recommend messing with the rev and speed limiters, since they're there for a reason. Welcome to the site, by the way, Blaizian.
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try they seem like the people that would want to do that kinda thing
well thanks for telling me your opinions... if the motor blows then it does... its not the first motor i blew before...

im just saying that 6200 rpms isnt anything

i take my other car at 9000 rpms sometimes
What's your other car?
Originally posted by Pharoh@Apr 16 2005, 01:41 PM
What's your other car?
99 4 door Acura Integra Gsr(my weekend warrior)

i ran it at the track not to long ago in sacramento and i ran a 13.1 on slicks
and 70 dry shot nitrous...

i love this car... its soo fast... much faster than my scion

but i would like my scion to go as fast or faster than the Acura i know that it can....
Use the search function on the Engine Technical forums. This thread is in the wrong place.

You say you've run at Sac Raceway, when?
Let's go watch his integra blow up, Lance!!!

btw - Blazian...are you retarded? The integra and tC are DIFFERENT cars. The RX8 could probably rev to 10k rpm, but that doens't mean a dodge ram can do it too.... lob bux racer had a very good post somewhere about overbore, underbore, square that explained all of this (I actually learned something!)
GET forced induction, that is really your only answer as of now
Yeah... the car redlines for a reason. Do you think they put that there just to piss you off? Its there to protect both the engine and transmission... i believe it cuts fuel and pulls timing if you hit the rev limiter anyways... it would not be worth it. The tC is not a drag car without some heavy mods and forced induction... why push a stock motor to the point of blowing it? What will that prove besides the fact that you can waste money...
The whole trick to dropping your e.t. is to get to your top speed the quickest. I highly doubt that you are doing 130 mph at the end of the quarter mile.
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True, but there's a lot more to it than that. If you gear your car to be quick in the quarter, your top speed will be much lower than if you gear for top speed. It's not unusual for a drag car to have a relatively low top speed limited by rpm, not by aerodynamics.
correct me if i am wrong, but seeing as how the tC redlines after peak hp is acheived, if the redline was magically moved to 8000, wouldnt the engine still put out 160 max? i mean, i dont see the benefit at all.
Ding Ding Ding! Give that man a prize, he figured out the problem with arbitrarily raising the redline. You are exactly right, the peak power will not change and any decent driver will shift to the next gear.

The engine has to be able to breathe at high rpm before there is any advantage to raising the redline. Torque is already falling off faster than rpm is increasing, so without other mods to support more airflow, raising the redline only increases your opportunity to damage the engine.
So what mods would actually be more effective with a higher redline? Would forced induction actually raise the peak RPM, or would it still be at the same RPM, just more power? I guess my question is when exactly would you want to raise the redline...
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