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Help! Need ideas on whats wrong with my car! Got a tune up on my 07 tc a few of weeks ago. New spark plugs, oil change and replacement valve cover gasket that stopped my oil leak. 7 days ago my fuel pump goes out. Replace the fuel pump car drives for 2 days before leaving me stranded. Redone the wiring harness on the fuel pump. It crank and drives but when it drives you can feel the up and down and up and down like something is blocked or stuck or in the way I'm not sure. Almost like the gas flow is there but not like it needs to be. Thoughts anybody??

2007 Scion TC 2.4L automatic
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Check the age & condition of fuel injectors, fuel rail, fuel pressure regulator. Clean any debris that may be blocking injector screens.

Check injector spray, O rings. Replace if needed.

Check & verify the pig tails/wire harness connectors are securely connected to each ignition coil. These will definitely go brittle & break like a leaf. Replace with new ones.

Check & verify each iridium spark plug is gapped. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS check any spark plug gaps. If a parts counter (cashier) tells you iridium don't need gap checking, they're wrong.

Check the age & condition of battery, alternator.

Check age & condition of fuel gas cap. Replace with a new one. Oem/factory.

Check age & condition of the negative/ground wires. Corrosion, loose, not making contact.

Check & clean out the throttle body.

Check the engine air box for debris, obstructions, it's filter if needed.

Check the age & condition of all the removable & replaceable hoses.

Check the PCV. If the mileage is between 90,000 & at/over 100,000miles change it out. Buy from your local Toyota dealership. They're cheap & it's oem/factory.

Check the fuses & relays. Verify that none are blown/warped/melted.

Check the idle 10amp fuse. I can't remember what's the oem name on the lid but it's a 10amp. It's directly to the idling. I had rough stumbling erratic surging RPMs & power loss. Limp mode 25mph max speed.

You can unplug the battery cables for a few minutes (reset) & see after if it clears out the ECU back to factory.

Check for any disconnected wires/harnesses that migh not have been connected.

Check the age & condition of the engine belt. Replace if old, cracks, brittle or pieces falling/missing.

While engine belt is off. Check each pulley. Spin, rotate. Check for any type of play/wiggling, looseness or over torqued.

When you disconnect the battery cables. You will have to give the system a few minutes to reset itself. The windows & sun/moon roof go thru a rest. Your owners manual will help.

Hope this help.
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