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Hey all, name is Matt. Bought an '05 tC 5MT about two weeks ago. It was $6500 (ow) before trade, but also only has 88k miles. Body is a little dinged and scratched, but it did come from Jersey so to be expected, lol.

Found out after the fact that the previous owner installed a CAI, DC Sports header, and a short throw shifter.

Came from a Fiat 500 Abarth that was just constantly needing attention and it was so small and a pain to wrench on, I just wanted something reliable and easy.

So far it has been a fun enough car. I'd like to do an exhaust too, but there are three other tC in my town, and two have an exhaust and they sound TERRIBLE, lol. I also plan to lower it and get a lip kit at some point, nothing too crazy.

Here she is!:
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Hood
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