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Hello everyone.....

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Hey everybody, just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. My names Nick im from Coventry, Rhode Island, im 20years old and I just baught a Black Sand Pearl Scion tC
. Ive installed a K&N Typhoon series cold air intake and hope to install alot more in the near future. Hopefully i can get some good insight and maybe even give a little of my own, thnaks ahead everyone.
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Welcome to the site!!! Please take not of the different sections we have in our forum. This topic should have been made in the "Introductions" section but don't worry it will be moved for you. Once again, welcome.
welcome to the boards, i also purchased a black sand pearl tc....

loving the color!!
Welcome aboard. You'll find lots of intelligent discussions about all things tC here.

Have fun!
Maybe even a few dumb ones too!
Hey Nick, i'm right outside Providence... maybe i'll see you around.
Don't mind the sarcasm that you'll eventually run into. This is a great community here, and we're not all jerks.

Welcome to the site and congrats!
Sarcasm? What's that?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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