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I just bought my Scion tC on Monday, and was hoping to find a forum that was pretty encompasing so that I could learn more. Guess I found it. I hope that I can offer something back to the forum instead of just taking from it!

Ok my tC is a blue 5 spd with no extras at the moment. I wanted something I could put some thought into and get some good parts for. I've always had great luck with Toyota, and I was hooked after test driving the car!

In the future I plan to do the usual things, but nothing to outrageous, because it IS my daily comuter for better mileage than my 98 F150. I guess suspension, wheel/tire, exhaust, and Leather might be in it's future.

Anyway, good to be here, and you'll undoubtedly see me hanging around a good bit!

1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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