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Heel and Toe anybody?

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Just wanted to know if anybody on the board makes turns using heel and toe. I gave it a few tries but its really hard to push the brakes and gas at the same time. I use a technique that is related to heel and toe. Rev matching.Hopefully i'll get the hang of heel and toe sometime soon .
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Nope, I usually use the steering wheel. I've never really heard of using the brake and gas at the same to make a it good for making sharp turns at a higher speed or powersliding?
As i drive a car. There are 2 ways to take a turn. Pop it in neutral take the turn and then pop into the next gear.Second way is to brake and downshift to the right speed and take the turn.I did some research and come upon this article.So those of you curious go here to find out how heel and toe is performed
I find it hard to do becuz of the size of the gas pedal. I should buy a bigger pedal set.
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I know in my supra the only time I use heel toe is when im doing a burnout so i can hold the brake and gas at the same time. Doing thats even hard because of the size of the space where the pedals are. To take turns i usually use put it in neutral, rev match to the correct rpm then push the clutch and put it in the correct gear for the speed im going around the corner. If Im really driving hard, ill do this a bit before the corner then use engine braking and the regular brakes to slow down enough to power through the turn. Everyone has their own style though so go to a safe place and practice. But be careful dont want to damage your tc or yourself /anyonelse.
I sometimes heel-toe downshift when I'm pretending I'm a WRC driver... the trick is just to punch the throttle with the side of your foot right before you let the clutch out, it's not too tough and a lot of fun.
I actually pulled it off now . The turns are a little bit better but it is still kinda of tricky to pull off.
Its useful when on a hill if you want to avoid the E-brake imo, you can give it gas and start to let off the clutch while still on the primary brakes.

And yeah, the pedal placement seems pretty bad. On my tib which was a auto with the tiptronic,shiftronic wtf ever you want to call it, if you wanted to slow down to get in proper gear for a turn the only way you could rev match was by heel-toe as you lacked a critical piece of hardware(a clutch
). Sadly it was actually easier on the tib than on the tC. Its not impossible but the feeling isnt reassuring for me. I dont have gigantic feet(size 13s) but theyre not small either and I feel as if im spread too far apart when heel-toeing. Guess I need more practice in the tC, or whatever
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Big feet and small pedals don't help a lot. I have size 12 and the pedals are not especially good for me. Guys with big feet generally have to use the side of the foot which makes it difficult to threshold brake accurately. ABS sort of helps, but I'm a better judge of traction than ABS on dry pavement (it is pretty handy on wet pavement or unfamiliar/mixed surfaces).

I've seen videos of the really fast guys, and they are generally not very big to start with, but they typically have enough room to put the full ball of the foot on the brake, and can stab the throttle with their heels. Something to keep in mind, they are not usually using super exacting throttle control to match revs, they are spiking the rpm and catching the clutch on the drop. It's OK to be a little high, but it's really bad to be a little low, especially if you are sliding around (as you should be if you are really going fast).

All this would be a whole lot easier if cars had controls like motorcycles. Rev matching with your hand on the throttle and your feet on the brakes is dead simple. So is clutchless upshifting.
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Yeah.. ive only been driving stick a month or so now, probably a little less. but thats my biggest problem with doing it atm. I have to use the side of my feet, and Im worried Ill get off the brakes too much because with such small and ill-placed pedals it seems to me itd be easy to slip off the brake and go backwards into that minivan thats riding my ass.

That said, Ive gotten ALOT better since I started hehe. And really only use the e-brake/heel-toe on a hill on this one really bad hill wiht a stoplight at the top I always get caught on the way to work. its awful steep and people ride your bumper, even a little bit of roll that I see most road drivers do would be pretty bad there imo
Okay.. Yeah, I dont know why I didnt do this more when slowing to downshift. Much easier when you just have to give the throttle a jab.

My old sequence would be slow in gear til about when i am forced to downshift, clutch in, left foot on gas ,blip throttle, clutch out then get back on brakes after clutch was out.. yeah this is slightly better =P
I got my TRD Springs last Friday. Hopefully they will be put on this week.Can't wait to see how Heel and Toe is wit the Springs .

I wonder.....
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like lobox, ive got the size 12s and find it difficult to heel-toe traditionally with the tc, i use the sides of my right foot. Once you start to master this technique, it can be very helpful for getting through corners faster than the other guy. you are able to brake later and heel-toeing properly keeps the body of the car from diving throwing the balance of the car off. (that would be bad)

keep practicing, it will be quite rewarding when u get it right, just be sure to do it where you arent going to hurt yourslef or other drivers

[edit] another reason i find it difficult in the tc is my car still has the stock exhaust, i have to watch the tach instead of listening to the engine to find my place....
Got the TRD Springs put on today. Man O man.The tC can tear corners a lot faster now. My car even looks better too. I say it was worth the long wait.
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aznthug, your sig is way too big. please refer to the board rules and resize it.
Sorry mang. I didn't read that part when i signed on as a member. I was plannin' to change my pic when I had the chance.
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