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heat shield and aftermarket header

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I plan on getting the trd s/c soon and i know the header can get pretty hot...i was wondering if there were any aftermarket headers out there that can fit with the stock heat shield? I know i could get it coated, but i would like the extra security b/c i live in nj and don't want problems if i am forced to pop my hood.
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There aren't. You'll need to cut the mounting tabs off the OEM header and weld them onto the new header if you want to mount the heatshield.

Not that I would do something like this, but it certainly has occurred to me that someone could make a dollar or two doing this to help stealth an unapproved aftermarket header in a smog nazi infested state. It would rather suck to get caught though.
Thnx for your reply. I'm pretty sure i can find a place that'll pass inspection...i'm just worried about getting hassled if i get pulled over.
####, when i was waiting for my tC to show up I drove by the dealership every morning to see if it was there. One sunday morning i forgot the seatbelt, no ones on the road didn't think it would matter much. pulled over yanked out of the car and the whole thing searched for a g damn least i didn't get a ticket, stupid expect some hell for anything like that.
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