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It's intentional.

Think about it. Projected on the garage door, which way are the lights cuttoff angled slightly away from? And which light is higher than the other?

The drivers light is rotated slightly counterclockwise, and aimed a minute ammount lower than the right passengers headlight. It is set like this so that you do not blind the guy driving down the road late at night toward you. The passengers light is aimed a little higher because in the USA, people drive toward you from the left side, not the "right". The passenger light is rotated as well, again, trying to limit the amount of light/chances that your going to blind the guy driving toward you.

Which is all well and good, but. I've noticed in the tC that i get flashed at all the time, people always think I have my highbeams on when I don't. So maybe Scion didn't calculate the angels/offset exactly right.

Like my paint skills? Lol.
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