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Just wondering if anybody out there has installed headers on their tc and how much if any difference did it make...Didn't want to spend the bucks if it isn't
worth it..
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Hi. Welcome. Do a search.
no, i don't think it will be worth it... because i asked this same question before... in some cases if you do not properly match it with the rest of your exhaust and other engine components it may cause a decrease in performance... but if you want to do it, choose carefully. good luck
I have the Monster Motorworks Header+SPipe and it dynoed on a Dynopack 15WHP and 14lbs of TQ on my car that was completely Stock. BTW it was a 5spd
I had DC Sports, also were supposed to give over 10whp, but the car became noisy, stinky and felt slower.

I would love to see before/after 1/4 times as opposed to dynos.
Thanks all for your comments and replies..appreciate it...
can you put a header on an automatic?
Originally posted by HaTeOnThYs05@Aug 29 2005, 11:20 PM
can you put a header on an automatic?
maybe cause i dont really know what a header does. i just see what people have on their cars, and put it on mine<intake, exhaust>. but most of those peoples are manual drives, so i tend to ask just in case.
Here is an interesting SL thread about a modded auto racing vs. stock auto. Goes along my beliefs in the wastefullness of small bolt-ons on the tC:
it looks like the k&n intake sucks. i wasn't planning on racing my car<more for show> but now that i see this, i think i'll try the Injen like i was planning to in the first place. i'll just wait until someone has actual results using the header because, just because its for show, i dont want my car being slowerrr.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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