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Hi all, I recently picked up an '09 tC for a steal because it has a cracked transmission casing after a botched clutch job. I'm attempting to remove the trans so I can assess the damage and likely replace the whole unit but the car is fighting me the whole way. So far I have:

Removed airbox, starter, grounds, shift cables, misc. cables, battery tray, everything from the top that could be in the way.
Supported the engine with a support bar.
Unbolted the front motor mount.
Unbolted the rear motor mount.
Unbolted ball joints
Unbolted sway bar end links
Removed both axles (the passenger side was ridiculously annoying; the location of that upper bolt on the carrier bearing is an absolute joke)
Unbolted the fore/aft subframe member that holds the front motor mount.

This is where I'm having issues. In the YouTube videos I've watched after removing the bolts this beam (which is more or less totally blocking the lower bell housing bolts) just falls out. But for me it seems to be sandwiched between the subframe and the rear motor mount.

I'm trying to just drop the entire subframe but the two (?) bolts that hold the steering rack to the subframe, despite this being a rust-free car, are so seized that my M18 Fuel impact cannot break them loose (I will attempt heat and penetrating oil tonight).

I tried to unbolt the rear motor mount from the subframe but one of the bolts just spins, and when I feel around it seems like it doesn't have a head on the top of the mount making me think it's a captive stud or something.

Any gurus who have done this job that have any advice? Up until this point it's been fairly smooth sailing.
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