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has anyone sold the stock tires right away?

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i want to get rid of my tires right away, i was wondering if anyone has sold theirs yet. also where do you sell them, does the dealer buy them back or did you sell them on ebay? does anyone even buy these crappy tires? is it better to just keep um?
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I got a $100 offer from my buddy for the set of 4 with 500 miles on them. Probably will go with it.
yeah basically any offer would work for me, but since I am getting bigger wheels and tires in a month or so I will keep them on for factors sake, if I wanted these rims I would have slapped Falken 512s on them by now
Falken Ziex Ze512 is what I have now - I so wish I did it when I bought the car... Stupid, stupid me.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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