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Has anybody else seen these Scion Visor Covers?

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I was playing around on the internet and found a cover to go over the warning label in the TC. Here is the link Scion Visor Cover

Has anybody else seen or done this?
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Yeah, but it makes it look a lot better. I hate looking at those warning labels. Reading them once is good enough.
after my c/f guys machine gets here, i will be making carbon fiber visors. ill keep you updated if you are interested.
Cool, sounds good.
id be interested in that! how much will you be selling them for?
I don't think that he know's yet. He will soon.
Seen it before. Does make it look better but $10 for a pair
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i was just thinking the other day while i was driving and how ugly those warning tags are. looks like im going to be getting some of these. i think i might prefer a carbon fiber one so keep us up to date. thanks for the link
Somebody had ones that matched the ceiling fabric. I wish I could find it again...
I have those stickers but just in plain black. I got them from ycart.
I think I will purchase some of them.
Oh.. haven't seen those before. I'm gonna get a pair. Those warning stickers annoy me.

BCF/Silver is the colors they have in the example pics right?
You can get them in other colors, but that is the colors they have on display.
i want one, but i want cf visors even more. keep us up to date
i want one, but i want cf visors even more. keep us up to date
Originally posted by Izn Trbl@Jan 16 2006, 06:31 PM
will do.
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carbon fiber.....visors?

I'd have to see that to get an actual opinion on it

The stickers do look pretty slick though.
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lol... thats a page from my old website... hehehe... (but i still honor any order placed, feel free to order).

my new website doesnt even have those listed


PS: that page of my website will be taken down soon...
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