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Hardwired Escort Passport 8500

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Well, I finally got time to hardwire my radar detector. I was so tired of having the cigarette lighter taken up by the cord not to mention the hideous cord hanging over the dash. The install was extremely simple. I bought the SmartCord from Tweeter and hardwired it to the back of the cigarette lighter. The radar detector wasn't working at first even though I had hooked it up correctly (or so I thought). I checked the voltage going to the detector with a multimeter and found that I needed to reverse the polarity so I hooked the ground up to the 12v wire and the power wire to the cigarette lighter's ground. The remote connector by the shifter is pretty nice to have for stealth mode at night if you don't want people tailing you because you have a detector. I went the easy route and ran the wire to the detector through the dash and glovebox, up the a pillar and above the windshield. Very simple, clean install! I love it

Radar Detector:

Radar Detector Remote:

I need to velcro the remote to the side of the console and it'll be all set!
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Nice and clean, good job. Thanx for the tip.
looks nice. I like the remote alot. Here's mine. it's installed on the dash near the driver side A pillar. I wired directly into the fuse box with one of thoes "add-a-circuit" blocks from autozone.

I've had it mounted in that location for a few years now (in my old car) and I have found no problem with performance.

I just pluged that add a circuit thing into an open switched fuse, you can use an existing slot as well and still retain both circuits. I grounded to the firewall.
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Super-cool in a far-out kinda way!
Hudnut, I like how your detector doesn't clutter up the dash. Do you notice any loss of detection range by having it near the A pillar and dash? The Escort manual had suggested using the center of the windshield for optimum performance but I think I'd rather have it in a more concealed location like yours.
I've had it in that location for years, haven't been pulled over yet. from what I've read, te rear facing sensor on the detector is only for laser. all other bands don't need a line of site sensor. x, k, and ka, bounce around inside the car and can be detected no matter where the radar detector is mounted. most cops using laser try to get a reading head on into trafic, so the rear sensor is kinda usless any ways, plus if you get lasered in the first place you're already busted. most people can't see where it is located unless you're sitting in the drivers seat.
Hey hadnut is this what you are talking about? Here

If so I want to wire mine either in the cubby hole by the shifter or where you have it, and how exactly did you wire it? THanks
Originally posted by goldenchild@Mar 10 2005, 11:53 AM
Hey hadnut is this what you are talking about? Here

If so I want to wire mine either in the cubby hole by the shifter or where you have it, and how exactly did you wire it? THanks
Ya, that's it except a mini fuse size. You just plug that thingy into any fuse slot (that is IGN on) and then the red wire comming out of it is your positive lead. then just ground to any metal, I found that the brake pedal bolts work well. the fuse box cover won't fit with the add a circuit thing so I just wedged it between some wires for refference.
Nicely done...i would get one but i work for a sheriff's office here and i got a cool pba gold shield on my license plate..The thing is AWESOME already got off two tickets one for 65 in 45 and the cop was like can you just try to slow down!!! (PS im a civilian not a cop too)
Excellent thanks man I am going to go pick one up for my radar detector now...thanks again
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