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Hard Drive for the tC

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Does anyone know if there is a decent hard drive mp3 player out there?

I've heard of reviews for the omnifi dmp and people say theres a lot of bugs in it. It seems to be the only hard drive player under 400 bucks. Any ideas??
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The Rio Car is by far the best HD based player out there IMHO (of course I'm biased as I'm a proud owner of 2.) The only down side is that they aren't made anymore
. But you can still find them on ebay if you do a search on 'empeg'.

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Thanks! I thought there weren't any out there. But after using the standard mp3 player, i don't know if I need a hd player anymore.

You never know i just might go crazy and buy it though.

thanks again.

that Rio Car is reallllly ugllyy
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Kenwood has the Keg but its a bit high in the price range. I am sure you can find one on eBay.
I don't know about you guys, but I'm still waiting for the iPod adapter for the factory stereo. Of course, I've never seen a picture, but at the Jan 2005 keynote address from Steve Jobs, Scion was listed with BMW, Ferrari, Benz, and a handful of other car manufacturers that are developing adapters for OEM-head units. Not that I even have an iPod yet... I'm waiting to see if this thing ever comes out to determine which iPod to get! (The Shuffle would be nice for my trips on the Metro!)
They allready came out witht he adapter.

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