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Halogens+reverse lights

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hey guys, i'm fairly new to posting but i'm always looking up stuff. anyways i had some really ghetto xenons i bought at autobacs. they would burn every month (i drive with my lows on) but i want to know which bulbs. i'm debating on silverstars or piaa xtreme whites. i want bulbs that wont burn my wires or melt my driving lights or damage my car in any way. hhahawhich ones are the best and wont melt my stuff and the brightest. and one more thing. i need brighter reverse lights. does anyone know where they have some. i got a limo tint and i cant see anything and i'm freaking out cause i don't want to hit people haha thanks.
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Get the Silverstars.

Brighter reverse lights won't do anything for you. Lighten the tint.
Roll down the window and stick your head out. You're not going to find much brighter bulbs for the reverse lights.
brighter reverse lights are completely pointless
Get Silverstars. They're cheaper on eBay, too. Got mine for $25 shipped I believe.

As for the tint, if you really are having that hard of a time then you should lighten it. Otherwise, subscribe to Damon's credo of becoming the king of sideview mirrors because that's about the only other way to fix it.

When you park, notice when your reverse lights are reflecting off of the headlamp reflectors of the car behind you through your sideview mirrors and use that to help you judge your distance. And get better at parking. When I first tinted my old car I had to completely re-learn parallel parking in a more instinctive way, so I went to a park, set up two of the big metal trash drums they had there in the parking lot and practiced until I could get it right in a tight space.
The stock bulbs are brighter than anything you'll get for 25-35$. Have a tC drive behind you on the road, we have awsome stock lights.

My silverstars burned out after 35 hours or so, if that, and to be honest, were not brighter.
I dunno, I've noticed a difference with the Silverstars. Definitely a difference in color (whiter) and a lesser difference in brightness but still noticeable. I guess its a little bit of a vanity issue but I like whiter lights even if they're not that much brighter, as long as the cost is reasonable.

My old Silverstars were going strong on 6 months with lots of night driving without any problems, and looked great in projectors so I had no trouble dropping another $25 for a set for the tC...figured they'd look good in reflectors too and so far they haven't disappointed. We'll see how they hold up.
do u drive with your headlights on all the time. i get lazy to turn it off so i just leave it on during the day. its not like i drive hours a day. i want hids but i'm waiting for the projectors to come out first. i don't mind the wait cause the car is still new(as in model).'re too lazy to turn your headlights off during the day?

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Well, there is the "headlights turn off when you open the door after turning off the car" feature. I've left my lights on during the day. It's better when I remote start my car at night
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it is possible to retrofit something if you really wanted to have really bright back-up lights. i have a ton of high beam reflective dishes from projector headlights that use H1 bulbs. i would need a real close picture of your taillights, but i believe you possibly could take off your lens, trim the chrome dish to size, and fit it into where your existing back-up dish is now. like i said though, i would have to see some pics of your taillights up close. actually, eric is coming over tomorrow. ill take a look at his. if i have any good news, ill let you know. good luck on your search anyway.
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