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Halo Angel Eye Projector Foglights

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Does anybody have these installed in their tC.
I,ve been thinking about ordering some. Was wondering if each fog light had 7 color options or if you could only choose one. Also how bright is the LED ring? If there is only one switch How do you turn the halo on without the fog lights? If anyone has these installed please post pictures.
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Maybe I shouldnt post because, no, I havent tried them. However, I have seen them, and they don't look that good. They arent very bright, nor are they uniform in their brightness, for some reason the top and bottom of the circles light up brighter than the middle section on either side. I don't know if that was unique to the car I saw, but I've heard people talking about it over on CreativeCompacts is working directly with scion to make real angel eye's, they're calling them demon eye's. I'd give them a call and ask them what's going on with it, I know they had hoped to have them out already, but had some design problems. I would wait for the demon eye's, they're designed specifically for the tC's headlights and highbeams. Besides, where are you going to mount those foglights that you'll be able to see the ring lit up anyway? Behing the bottom grill? Take out the inserts on the brake vents? I promise you, it won't look good. It'll look like a 5 dollar walmart job.
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Hey BIGRK if you thought that smoking my headlights out is ricey.... what do you call those multi-colored foglights.....
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Yeah your probably right, these are pretty ricey
, but if you reread your post on HIDs you'll see that it was not I who accused your smoked headlights of rice. I merely laughed at the confusion of someone mistaking your comments for mine. When i figured out that the question should have been directed at you, I found it funny, seeing that our screen names are posted right above our comments. Seems like it would be hard to screw up someones comments with another screen name, yet again here we are, but I digress. To clear the air, I am actually a fan of smoked lights, just not on my car. I think that the tC headlights are so cool I wouldn't want to cover them up. I make it a habit to abstain from the use of the term rice. I've seen lots of mods on cars that I would consider to ricey for my car, but I love seeing them drive down the road. Undercarage lighting for example. I do wonder why halos on a beamer are cool but on a tC they are rice?
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O YEA I MADE FUN OF THEM!!!! ANYWAY, did you ever repost on that thread, which one was it again?
what part of suffolk are your from, im in the islip area
I don't have an opinion on them for the time being. It would be easier to decide whether to get them or not once I see them on the actual car.

The idea of these foglights is cool, but it's a little overboard IMO.
Originally posted by HaTeOnThYs05@Jun 1 2005, 06:08 PM
what part of suffolk are your from, im in the islip area
YOUR IN ISLIP...?!, I'm in West Bab, You ever go to DPA? I'm actually trying to get a group buy on the trd suspension, the whole thing, shocks, springs, sway bar...lemme know if your interested.


It's all good, i was just teasin you, lol
Those are kinda cheesy to be honest...U got checkout the Real Angel Eyes.
Only thing is they $$$$.
so you have to send them your headlamp?
I have no idea... Da price turned me away... thats ouch on my pocket.
those headlights are hot for maybe 500 but not no 1500 are they out of they're mind???...if i had 1500 to spend for headlights i would hope i had 35,000 to spend on a real BMW
These are the "Demon Eyes" that Creative Compacts have made.... they are only $159 for the set must be on sale... they were $199... you install them.
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^^did you ever post pics of your car? u have alot of accesories on it
Originally posted by HaTeOnThYs05@Sep 4 2005, 04:31 PM
^^did you ever post pics of your car?  u have alot of accesories on it
Go to my website Tuned Addictions I still need to put some more pics on the site.... night pix of LED's & cathodes, New audio setup pix too.
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