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had to wait a minute for your tc?

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this is something that has been bugging me for some time. sorry if it comes out like i am attacking, as i am not. merely clearing the space in my head that has been owned by the talk of how long people have to wait, and how they hate their dealer, and its taking too long, and the dealer said this but its taking longer than that and the dealer is lying to them and all that crap.
1st - for everyone waiting - why would we lie to you? do you think we dont want to sell you a car? i assure you, we do. we want to sell you 40 cars if you want us to. cause thats how we get paid. and i like to be paid. if i dont get you a car, i cant sell it, and i get no dollars. what about that makes you think a dealer would be delaying your car on purpose?
2nd - the wait is killing you? guess what - its killing everyone on our waiting lists. its killing us, and our business. you want your car sooner? so does everyone that came in and joined my list BEFORE you did. which doesnt make you special. it makes you next in line. deal with it. you want a better seat at the concert, you show up earlier. you want a car sooner? you should have joined my list before the 30 other people.
3rd - if the wait is really more than you can handle, and your dealer finds you a car at another dealer, and had to drive it 80 miles to get it to you, TAKE IT and shut up. you have no idea what we go through to try to satisfy our clients. you think we just stand around all day and wait for the truck to show up? dealers are on the phone to everyone they can to find free tC's, and trading away all sorts of toyota inventory to get them for you. trading a 27K dollar tacoma to get you your 16K tC isnt what we want to do. but we do it. when we can. dealers call me daily asking if what i have coming in is pre-sold, and if not, can we trade some things around. so it isnt just us. its dealers in general. people are trying for you, working for you, and all you can do is bitch about how we arent working fast enough.

bottom line - these are being viewed as specialty cars right now. the number of cars produced is not enough to satisfy the growing number of people requesting them. this is beyond our control. we dont assemble cars in the service dept. i cant build you one. and if you ask for something that 7 other people are waiting for already, you are going to have to wait in line like everyone else had to. deal with it.

all of you just now joining a list somewhere, or just now requesting a car in whatever manner your dealer handles that, dont know what a wait is. whine about 2 weeks, or a month, or 6 weeks. if you had joined a list last july, you could have waited 4 months. or you could be like my good friend joe, 18 weeks. cause if there isnt a car that matches what you want in port, thats the way it goes.

or, if you are tired of waiting, you can go buy a civic. plenty of those available.
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You just wasted way too much time writing that.. go find more tCs!!!! i hate freakin' dealers!!!

j/k well said, indeed. I waited 6 weeks and it made the car that much more special when i got it.
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You are the master
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d, that is just one of the many reasons i love working with you.
Originally posted by moriarty@Jan 30 2005, 02:37 PM
d, that is just one of the many reasons i love working with you.
I thought it was the stockroom "chats"....
Originally posted by moriarty@Jan 30 2005, 02:41 PM
yeah, those are fun too.
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Are we sure those are chats?
i'm not going to tell.

he said it was "our little secret".
d. I think I should apologize, since I was one of the many people who called up their dealership every weekend and asked when I'd be getting my tC
But I didn't really blame the salesperson for the wait, I was just eager to get my first new car.

Anyway, waiting 6 weeks to get my car probably built up the suspense and made it that much more special when I went to pick it up.

Keep up the good work!
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Just wanted to say that u guys are great... I guess some of us are just impatient and want what we pay for when we pay for it. I didnt have to wait for my tC but I'm sure I would have been the same way
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I guess I was lucky. I bought one off the lot. My wait was one day for them to throw a radio in it.
This suprises me since they are even newer up here in Washington than they are down in CA where most people who are waiting seem to be from.
The price for getting what we want is patience.

i should start working at a fortune cookie factory.
Originally posted by moriarty@Jan 30 2005, 03:13 PM
The price for getting what we want is patience.

i should start working at a fortune cookie factory.
Seriously, no wait on those damn things either.
I think the majority of ppl waiting for their TC's haven't directly attacked their salesperson.....But still in deed....we are not the happiest ppl waiting for something that we keep hearing is such a great product by u guys....This is our home to vent and get our frustrations out. So sorry that u felt the need to shut us up D....and i do appreciate your opinion............u know what, #### it....GET ME MY DAMN TC.
well said. i know what you mean about the dealers going through hell to get a hold of the cars.

i ordered my tC on a monday. the very next day i found out that another dealer had driven mine here from greenville....about 6 hours. it was a dealer trade, but yeah. driving 12 hours in a day so another dealership can please a customer and close a sale is dedication. either that or good pay
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