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Had a question/idea

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So I was looking at my car today and thinking. I was bored and decided to take off that intake resonator box just to see what it would do. After I took it off and put on a little rubber stopper thing, I got to thinking. What if i took a cone filter, for example and put it in place of the rubber stopper. I think if nothing else, it might add a nice sound. The only problem i foresee in all of this, is that the MAF sensor is in front of the hole. This means that it doesn't read the extra air that the engine takes in. This would surely throw off my A/F mixture, making the engine run way too lean.

Any thoughts, comment, concerns, fixes to the MAF problem?

Thanks guys!! didn't give me any usable info on this...
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my idea was to do a GFI on it, what i'm going to do is put the MAF before the "Y" connector so one filter will goto the stock location and the other possibly down to the front lower grill

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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