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Gutting the tC's Ceiling?

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a lot of the interior is snaps right off. the ceiling does too
a lil tug here and there, and it'll come off
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did you just anwser your own question?
No, after I responded the person that originally posted the question must have removed his post. Makes look me smart, s-m-r-t.
oh... weird... lol
No, there was no original post. Just a subject line. That was weird!
thats happened a couple times. i deleted a post similar to that yesterday. subject line, no actual post.
i wonder if it was in reference to gutting the moonroof panels, tracks, and motors. that's something we have been discussing recently. weight savings and all that. cf hood and hatch, cf panels for the moonroof glass, and a lexan rear window.
it was originally my question bc I wanted to do some interior painting. I wanted the pillar columns and ceiling to be black in color. Weird bc I was subscribing to this post. I didn't see this until just now. Thanks. Anyone has like a DIY on that info though?
you know you can always call me for taking stuff apart james...
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So the headliner comes off with just a couple tugs?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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