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Which would look better on a flint mica??...gunmetal or hyperblack?
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I personally like Gunmetal.
Gold oh wait thats just me lol id say Gunmetal.
i think it really depends on the wheel, but in general id choose gunmetal
both would look cool. I think the gunmetal would match too well.

my vote is for black.
any suggestions on any wheels?
I like Konig Unknowns. You can get them in Gunmetal or Black.
Depends on the actual rim
well since flint mica is in itself kinda like a gunmetal color i would say get a set of hyper silver rims. a friend of mine has a lexus is300 that is gunmetal. she put a set of 5 star 19's in a hyper silver and it looks wonderful.
gunmetal for sure for me...still haven't gotten into the black thing yet...I mean black rims that is
Originally posted by itzillsick@Nov 26 2005, 10:55 AM
any suggestions on any wheels?
I would go with hyperblack, and on brand i would look at 5zigen, only because they make light weight stuff. But thats me.
I think the only guy that knew what hyperblack rims looked like is the last post by superTC, well at least the ones that said anything about not getting the black rims, because you all say that you havent gotten into the black thing or talking like they are black rims. Hyper black does not even look black at all, they are more of a dark silver, almost like a gunmetal!
crap i just realized that i said she had hypersilver. i ment to say she has hyperblack. so yeah i think a set of 5Zigen rimes in a hyperblack would look hot. i cant think of the actual name for the rim right now but its the 5 star rim with the fatter spokes that they make. they would look rather nice on a flint mica car.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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