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If you have anything Scion-related that you're trying to sell, this is the forum for that.

Private party sales of cars & parts only!

When your item has been sold do not modify you original post and topic title to SOLD. Simply change the topic description to say SOLD and a mod will lock your topic as they make the rounds.

Do NOT bump your topics. Changes to item/description/price are allowed, but should not be used for the sole purpose of bumping your topic to the top of the forum.

If there is no interest in your item for sale, it will move down the list and onto subsequent pages.

To reduce instances of possible fraud, please try to take a picture of the item for sale with yourself or your username written on a piece of paper in the photo. Other information regarding fraud can be found here.

Also, be sure to post your ad on

** Please note that I do not, nor does this site, take any responsibility for the accuracy of anything posted by anybody else...
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