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Guam sure does have tC's

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My Scion tC

Both Ladies

@ the track


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too much stickers for my taste

over all is pretty nice~ like the rims
Is the Pacific Island Club in the last pic??? Thats where Im staying in 16 days
nice ride, beautiful island,what else can you ask for.
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Nice car. I like the wheels. Doesn't it get annoying with a sticker that low on the windshield??
thanks for the comments everyone. the car is fun. it it currently under construction..again.

* the stickers are "ghost graphics" - you can only see them in certain lighting. i was lucky to get that shot of them.

* sorry - PIC is not in that picture. But its just to the right of all that. Still on the same beach.

* the sticker only goes as high as the steering wheel and i can see over my steering wheel, so its fine. it actually doesn't bother me (or anyone else who drives my car) at all.

* yes it is time to drop it.

i'll put more pics soon. thanks everyone.

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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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