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Ground Effects..

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i was wondering whether it is worth getting the ground effects kit or not? please post your opinions/pics if you have it or not, thanks!
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I dunno if I was going to be spending that much money, I'd put it on the Viniati Lip Kit... its not too crazy or ricey in my opinion, and it looks clean if you get it installed and painted right. Honestly I can't really tell a huge difference between stock and with the factory lip kit.
the viniti is nicer indeed, and cheaper
I have the same question. What are everyones opinions on the oem body kit. Is it worth the money? (Its not a bad price though considering its painted) But it doesnt seem to change the overall look of the car that much. Im going to lower my car first, get the rear spoiler, and then consider a body kit.
^ that's what I intend to do also. First Tires and/or suspension, then pedestal spoiler then consider if a body kit is necessary.
I got the bodykit with the car because I know if I didn't there'd always be something more important in the budget than spending a grand on a bodykit. The biggest noticeable difference is tires. After that, the enhancements are incremental, not monumental.
i dont like the pedestal spoiler..
I do think the ground effects are worth it. I actually bought my car with them. I think it makes it look so much nicer. That's just my opinion and you are able to have yours. Just thought I could help.
^^^ i am inclined to agree. the more i see the factory lip kit on cars, the more i really appreciate its simplicity. it has been on my should-i-do-that list for a while now.

but i dont like the pedestal spoiler. too damn bulky.
I liked it so much I bought it for one of our tCs. I think it looks especially good on IIP.
Anyone install it themselves? Difficult?
Another question here, does anyone have the Scion ground effects kit AND the TRD springs? Does the ground effects make it too low for daily driving? I had both on my Matrix and it wasn't a major problem... Im hoping for this setup to be all good on the tC.
i think the oem kit looks good on the lighter colored cars. On BSP or FM, I dont think its all that noticable unless youre really looking for it. I wouldnt mind getting it, but for the price of it, I think I'll wait for something else .
I have the Ground effexts and pedistal spoiler on my TC. The ground effects look good stock but look GREAT with 18'' rims. If installing the spoiler yourself, its easy. You need a drill and the spoiler kit. Its easy. The kit comes with a hatch template that is like a giant sticker. You place it on and line it up then drill where the wholes are located. The just use the tighteners and locktights and its done. Go slow though so u dont scratch the paint. Good luck. It beats paying the dealer $300 in labor. Pz out.
Yeah, there's a BSP with the ground effects kit, pedestal spoiler and the optional 18"s and looks freaking beautiful.
im the type of person who always debates lowering my car, so the ground effects were something i chose to do, it lowers the profile of the car and i really like how it makes the bottom of the car seem wider, another reason i did it was so i could pay for it with my loan that i bought the car with.

4 months and i have yet to lower my car and i am very glad that i got the g effects, they make a huge difference to me
Anyone have a pic comparison of a tC with and without the scion ground effects. I couldn't tell the difference from the website thing.
Like this? These are both from the member's pics section.

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personally i'm not a fan of the oem ground fx or the pedestal spoiler. In fact i haven't seen a kit thtat I do like so far. All i like about kaminari is the wing. I like the oem body styling anyway, very unique... just too many on the road now, j/k!
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