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That synchro wear is the primary reason why I haven't tried it more than a couple times, but I am able to shift now without a full clutch engagement, fairly smoothly, so I'm pretty sure my rev matching is getting quite there. I am seriously considering a flywheel swap if it would make my shifting even smoother (and I think it would). At the least it would provide me with more accurate rev matching ability. Actually my 1-2 shift is very good on the boil with no momentary loss of acceleration, but I'm still not that good when doing my 2-3. Curiously I can pull this off doing my 4-5. I am not sure on my 3-4. One thing I've made huge strides on the past few weeks is my downshifting though.[/b]
My 1-2 shifts are usually my worst. everything else is as smooth as the rocky mountains. But occasionally I shift perfectly which makes me feel good.

the only times i can shift like that are by accident, heh. it's usually when i apply throttle as i'm shifting,[/b]
haha me too.. It used to scare me because i would do it while downshifting sometimes and going to a stop and accidetilly push it into first with no clutch and it jsut slides in right as im stopping so I almost stall.. But I don't do that any more :]
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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