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Originally posted by fiream@Nov 17 2005, 09:12 PM
I wouldnt pay $1200 for a screen in my $1200 can get ya a turbo kit or a comeplete suspension kit..
good luck finding a reputable turbo kit that wont f##k your car up for less than $3k...

i myself am thinking about either the AVIC-D1 or the Eclipse counterpart, but:

a.) i dont want to lose the steering wheel controls (but i have heard of adapters for the AVIC-D1 that fix that, does the eclipse one just plug in directly w/o adapters or does it require one as well?)


b.) i really, really, really dont want to lose the iPod connectivity and control through the deck, as well as the sound quality (i dont know if Eclipse has a deck that does the GPS/DVD nav, is double-din and supports iPods; however the AVIC-D1 has an adapter to connect an iPod to it, ive heard that its crap though and doesnt allow you to control it through the deck)

if i could find a GPS/DVD nav double-din deck that does both of those things, i would drop my next 3 paychecks on it (or however many $400+ paychecks it takes to get it and get it installed along with new speakers, amps, and a sub or two)
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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