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GPS Placement?

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I'm planning on getting GPS for my tC. I don't want too spend much, so I'm planning on just getting a receiver with Bluetooth. I have a Pocket PC with Bluetooth that I got from my last computer programming job, and I can use that as a monitor for it. I'm thinking about getting this: It's only about $100. The only problem I'm seeing is where/how I'm going to mount the system. I can put the receiver in the compartment below the air conditioning, but I'm not sure how I'm going to mount the Pocket PC, especially since I want to be able to take it out when I get out of the car. I'm not very good with building stuff, so the only thing I can think of is to use velcro to mount the Pocket PC like this:

I know that would be a problem with openning the door, but I typically just use MP3 CDs, especially on long trips where I'd use the GPS, so that shouldn't really matter. I just don't think I'd like to have strips of velcro there though.

Does anybody have any ideas of how to mount it?

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pda mount is much cleaner looking and removable!
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