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Got My TC Wed

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I had been searching for one with a 5spd and was told there was an 8 week wait. I was working with three Scion dealers. After a 3 day wait, Maroone pulled one out of the air. Apparently the kid who ordered it could not prove income and they would only hold the car for him for three days. I picked it up Wed. It was ordered with the Hotchkis bar and the lip kit which I would not have ordered, but I was driving a time bomb.
The 2000 Celica I had had engine failure in June ($7700 covered under warranty) and failure again three weeks later ($5500 covered by Geico).
So now I had a brand new car and a Hurricane on the way so I couldn't really drive it. I really like it a lot. I miss the leather interior of the Celica, but I don't miss having to drive the car like I stole it to get down the road.
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JLTD -- Hope you enjoy your car as much as i do mine! Congrats on the tC!!!
Let me guess. Janet sold it to you in Davie, Fl. lol

That was my car. Its taking me longer to get my job then suspected. I now re-ordered one withOUT the lipkit and strut bar, but with 18' wheels, SAB, and a sway bar.

Small world....
Yes, that's the one. Sorry about the "Kid" reference, to me, anyone under 25 is a "kid".When your as old as me.
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