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Got my 5-speed AP tC :))

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Put down my deposit on 7/11/04, a little over six weeks later my tC is finally MINE.

I've got the popping in the sunroof problem but not unexpected of course as it's been well-documented here. There's an official Toyota fix for this now right? Another thing is that the mechanism to release the hood is malfunctioning... sometimes it pops it, other times nothing. I even tried pulling the release latch all the way and applied pressure with my finger to the wire trying to pick up any slack... don't work
It's all good, these little bugs really can't bring me down cuz this is such a sweet car!! Wow, powering into corners feels so tight, heh, definately much tighter than my now-gonzo, Kia Sportage.

My VIN is really low, 1276! Apparently my tC was sitting in Mansfield, MA at the Toyota distribution headquarters which, if I understand correctly is one of the two main hubs (the other's in NY) for Scions in New England (although the main receiving port is in NJ). I'm not quite sure what they were using it for, it wasn't a showroom model or a demo...
... but they had it for some reason. Apparently Toyota came over to my dealership and was very pleased with the Scion showroom setup, they had all their cars cleaned and properly displayed meeting all Toyota standards, and apparently this was enough for them to be impressed enough to let my salesman know they had a car for them... MY CAR.
It had 41 miles on the odometer when I got it only because they actually drove it from Mansfield over to my dealership in Cambridge.

It came standard with Side Airbags, Security, Silver OBX pedals, Mats, and the Rear bumper protector sticker. I actually didn't order any of these originally but that's what they had and I couldn't stand to wait any longer. I'm totally happy with my tC. Yay!!

To do list:
1. Bathe and polish my beauty in Zaino which should be arriving Monday.
2. Look into PIAA Ultra Extreme Mega Super Duper Ridiculously White lights

3. I definatlely want to put a brighter LED into the blinking red console light that we all have. There's just a small barely visible sticker on the door windows to let potential theifs know that this car has a security system. That LED should be much more pronounced.
4. TRD racing knob, I think. Having more silver in the "cockpit"
looks sweet but leather feels nice and it won't freeze my hands off in the winter. Then again, I could always get two, hehe.
5. Hmmm... a parking permit! ####!

Sorry, I know this post is all "me, me, me" but I wanted to share the fun and excitement with fellow tC enthusiasts. Good day! Goin' for a drive now!
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i bet we won't hear from you for awhile.. lol you'll be out driving!!
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glad to hear that you finally got your car.
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I'm probably the one person that's been here the longest without a tC.
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Congrats! BTW, Skip the PIAA white lights......theres a thread around here somewhere that has a test of the PIAA lights and they are white, but they dont light up the road as well.....and cause strain on your eyes. Best of luck with your tC! - t

edit: heres the link to the bulb article
Yea, congrats!!
Thanks everyone!

Good find on the Super white bulbs, TCrazy, thanks. It looks like they actually tested the Super White versus the Extreme White which are the ones I was considering. I'll probably hold off on them anyway and save some $$.

Some comments on Azure Pearl: this color is really amazing. At night the car looks TOTALLY silver. You can only catch highlights of blue on the edges. In the sun the car glows pretty blue but at dusk this car is iridescent!
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Congrats on getting your car. You definately picked a great color!
Congrats! Still waiting here--should be a couple of weeks. Haven't seen much in the way of TCs in the Boston area yet. Can't wait to get mine.
Grats!! Good luck with the lights and let us know how it goes. Have fun in your new tC, you'll love it!
Right on man!

Let me know when you get your first fill up.
Grats on getting your car hun!!!! Have tons of fun with it!!!
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