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got mah baby lowered

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looks good lowered just got mine lowered as well...really nice

not feelin however the wheels painted black or the system, but to each his own
i kinda like the black on black
did you powder coat those or just paint them? lookin good..i woulda left the outer's silver though.
post your pics on the top pinned topic, "yoursciontc members pics" welcome to the site by the way
nice! what springs?

x's are teh suck.

interesting choice of caliper paint by the way
Do my eyes deceive me, or do those subs say "X PLORE"...

I'm not sure how I feel about that.
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lmao, knock off sonys.

i didnt like sonys to begin with either
i bought the subs from a friend. dont reallyknow what kind..
a guy from revelation hook me up and got me the TEIN springs.. its 2" drop at the front and 2.4 at the rear..
it doesn't look that low.. 2" and 2.4"... maybe after the springs set in..
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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