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Picked this thing up with 111k miles. It either sat alot in shitty area, or mileage is not accurate. Either way, its a beater, and im modding for fun.

First on the list was cleaning up the headlights, and I also tried my hand at tinting. Which came out decent for a first try.

Then the brakes were next, I swapped out pads, and slapped on some slotted rotors. I also got SS braided lines, but the ones on there will crumble if I try to install them, so I left those as is.

Then I replaced all of the motor mount bushings with Poly bushings, and dropped in a new OEM passenger side mount. Got poly shifter cable bushings, as well as aluminum shifter base bushings.

The wheels were really gross, I painted them gold, so they look better at a distance. I didn't want to spend too much time on them, so I found a happy medium.

Lastly the shock on the car were seized up, so I found a set of used shocks in great shape with Tein Springs (50k miles on shocks from Cali), so I installed those, and it makes the car look far better. She could use some lower control arms, but that can wait till the spring. I also plant to do a rebuild on the engine, and fix the rear main leak, and may as well do an overhaul while im in there.
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