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Going Sub

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IM tyring to find an enclousure like the bazooka one for the 10 inch double coil sub that i have, anyone know who makes something like this or where do i find an empty bazooka one or one with a broken sub sold cheap??? also im tyring to fit an amp next to the spare tire, all amps are too big and i need at least 1000 watts help please
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First of all please clarify your question, you say 1000 watts, is this rms or max, there are a ton of amps with 1000 rms that will fix in that hole. As far as your sub enclosure your best shot is going to be ebay to find something used or broken, also, i hope you aren't wanting to run 1000 rms to a bazooka tube because im not sure those enclosures are really meant for that kind of pressure and power(with the right sub).
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