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getting bad vibration

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hey i have a 05 tc tonight i was driving and someguy pulled infront of me i had to get on the brakes real hard but not hard enough to lock them up/or anti lock brakes to come on. then i noticed after 30 mph i been getting a vibration in the gas pedal and it sounds like something is stuck or like i flat spotted the tires but they arn't flat spotted sounds kinda like somethings grinding and it gets louder and louder the faster i go any advice on anything to check before i take it to the dealer to get looked at it would be appreciated thanx
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Well since the gas pedal is not attached to anything except a little electronic sensor you really shouldn't feel anything in the pedal... I would check your tread first of all and make sure you dont have something stuck in it or perhaps a bubble in the sidewall or something. Otherwise just take it into the dealer and have them fix it, its free
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