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gas milage dissected

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for anyone looking into their mileage, how to improve it, why it varies so damn much, etc... wrap your heads around this article. start thinking gallonage.

mileage vs gallonage
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Thanks. That was good reading.
I believe the article, but there are still more factors in gas mileage than they mentioned.

For example, I have a 5-speed, and my trips are 1.9 city miles (my daily commute to/from work). And I get around 25-26mpg. Marty (basilisk4) who lives 30 miles away from me (same climate) has an automatic (higher EPA ratings on mileage), longer commute, and still gets crappy 21-22mpg. Both of us can be considered leadfoots.
i get about 25MPG and i'm definitely a leadfoot.. i have mixed driving.. highway with bad traffic areas and local roads.. so far my tC has been treating me good.. in this area
90% of my driving occurs at an average speed of under 20 MPH.

Okay, it makes more sense now.
^^^ what was that, marty?
Originally posted by inevitablegod@Oct 29 2004, 05:15 PM
^^^ what was that, marty?
^^^ i heard that.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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