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gas gauge needle

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hi i noticed something wierd today about my gas gauge. usually in my past cars the orange fuel light turns on right when you hit E or slightly below. today my tc's tank was getting low but the light turned on, even when the needle was still above the E. i had about 1/8th of the tank left so the needle was still above the E by a noticable margin. then when i filled up, and i did not top off either, the needle went pass full (1/1) by a considerable margin. not such a big deal but my car is brand new and i would like to have everything operating properly. even my moms old 1988 bmw has an accurate gas gauge. my tc's seems like its shifted up so that the orange comes on before needle hits the E and the needle goes past full after i get gas. does anyone have this problem on their car when the gas gauge needle isnt sitting right?
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Every Toyota I've driven has had gas gauges that work like that. I understand your point about the needle going past the "full" mark, but what would be the purpose of a light showing that you need gas if it didn't come on until you actually had *no* gas left? That's what "E" means.
good point basilisk4. I've noticed that too on my dad's 99 corrola and now my moms 2005 corrola and my bro's past 2003 corrola. LOL i know so many corrolas in my family thats why i went with the tC to be different.
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i see what you are saying but its just that its probably a 1/4th inch past full which is pretty extreme. and usually the light goes on when the needle gets to E, but you still have about 2 gallons left and the needle usually can go a 1/4th inch past E. does this mean since the light goes on a before the E, i have 0 gas when i do reach the E? i never knew any cars that worked that way.
how far past Full does ur needle usually go?
On my old Honda, E meant E. By the time the needle got to that mark, I had my fingers crossed and was hoping I wouldn't have to push. The tC is more how it should be-- the light comes on with about 2 gallons remaining, enough to give you fair warning. How high the needle goes when full really doesn't concern me. Full is full.

My wife's '03 Corolla goes to the opposite extreme from the Honda-- the fuel light will come on with 4+ gallons remaining in the tank. I've had the light come on, then driven another 100 miles, and only put in 12.5 gallons at fill up... I just ignore that light now.
any car that i have ever had i have not let the gas go below 1/4 of a tank anyways... the amount of air your fuel pump does suck up running below that can be damaging its never good to run an engine low on gas ... just my 2 cents
Did you guys notice that that on the tc, it says R instead of E and 1/1 instead of F?
what does R stamd for, refill?
Reserve. The light is the indication you are on your reserve fuel.
Originally posted by lo bux racer@Jul 19 2005, 02:30 PM
Reserve. The light is the indication you are on your reserve fuel.
reserve fuel as in bottom of the barrel or as in fuel stored in a separate area?


on my 90 civic si hatch the gas needle went well above the F when full, and went past the E (and thankfully i never actually ran out). I figured that was the norm.
R as in the last 2 gallons in the tank.
i was on R for quite sometime today driving around until i finally filled my gas tank costing me $30

gas is 2.37 in my area for regular...
Originally posted by scion06@Jul 30 2005, 05:02 AM
Where are you from?
If you look at the information to left of his post under his name you would see he is from Timonium, MD.
Originally posted by greg091@Jul 19 2005, 08:45 PM
i was on R for quite sometime today driving around until i finally filled my gas tank costing me $30

gas is 2.37 in my area for regular...
whiner. i paid $2.57 yesterday for regular. bay area, CA.
light b4 empty?[/b]
*coasts to a stop on the side of the road*

tC: *beep beep* You're out of gas!

me: ......

tC: *beep beep* You're out of gas!

me: God I hate you...

Yah, I paid $2k for the "*beep beep* you're out of gas" option
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