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Gas door stuck

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For some reason my gas door has trouble opening. When I pull on the gas button it won’t flick the gas door open, I have to tell the gas attendant to hit the gas door and force it open in order to put gas. Anyone know how to replace or what may be the issue ?
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Two common reason for gas door not opening is the metal spring clip (that pushes the door out, back near the hinge) is either broken or bent, or the latch clip that is bent (where the release pin can not clear where it latches and needs to be bent back away from the pin).
Thanks, I figured after looking at it for awhile that it’s as you said possibly bent, when I open the fuel door there’s a rubbing and screech sound(with some difficulty to open) it sounds like metal rubbing on metal. Once I get their chance I’m going to remove the fuel door and see if it’s bent while also checking the spring and possibly replacing it. Thanks for the help!!!
1 - 2 of 4 Posts