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Gainesville scion show

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Trying to start a club in gainesville when i go back for fall semester. whos in
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Count me in.
check, that makes two
I know at least 7 others in Gainesville with tC's but I know there's at least say 20?

BTW Are you on
yea, billy O'Connor

How bout you guys
Yeah, Paul Hung.

Join the group: People Who Drive a Scion tC.
Im in, nice pic, is that your tC?
Yea, im in ocala,but gainesville is my other home away from home. Count me in. Got a page or anything yet??
welcome. not yet, any ideas?
hey count me in....except..i'll be getting december..till then .... are you guys all gators?

if so....any recommendations for car alarm installations...and window tinting places...i might be cheaper..and better quality than in know..fewer shadier places
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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