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Funny Smell

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Just bought a new Scion TC (manual) and we have had it for a week. My wife mainly drives it. She's telling me she smells a burnt smell when she drives it. I was wondering if anybody has experienced the same thing. Is there some kind of "break in" period for a new manual car? Is this the clutch that she's smelling?
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if not the clutch, sometimes the catalytic converter can stink pretty good. but that should go away by 100 miles.
Cindy's right -- I did that once, and the smell was noticeable for months, even after I got as much of the bag off the hot underside of the car as I could...
That smell is more than likely the factory undercoating overspray being burnt off the exhaust system. It will go away shortly.
Welcome to the site, btw.
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Yep, got the car yesterday, and I've noticed a burnt smell.
so, what we are saying is, it could be any number of annoying but most likely non-threatening issues. wow. we are so much help.

yeah, welcome to the site. hopefully we help more in the future.
When my bro-in-law got his matrix, he also noticed a burnt smell for like the first few hundred miles. So, I don't think there is anything to worry about.
for the first few hundred? really? that was the same thing with my 03 matrix xr. i picked it up as a dealer demo, so it had about 400 miles. but on the way home, i noticed something like melting plastic. thought it was a plastic bag. nope. guy at the dealership said dont worry, it will pass in a few. it did. weird. thought mine would have been isolated. maybe it was a matrix thing.
No funny smells in or around my car, even for the first few hundred miles.
i had the smell too. don't worry.

welcome to the site, have some fun with it.

Speaking of smells:

there was once this odd catnip smell in my car for a while. do you think it is alright?
Maybe you guys need to take showers
That usually removes funny smells.
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Neither of my tCs have had funny smells. Strange, but good.
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