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FS: white Scion tC- only 4900 miles!

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Hey folks- For sale: Super White Scion tC. Check out the link:
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Hmm. I wonder why is it priced more than a new one?
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I was going to ask that myself.
If this thing gets sold for $16700, we should throw a party, because, Ladies and Gentlemen, we own a classic that appreciated $200 in 3 months!
Not to mention the almost 5k miles.
Really expensive tint job?

Hey, maybe he lived in it, so he figured it would appreciate?

Okay, let's stop making fun of the guy now.
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So soon? So unlike you. Must be an off day.

Why do I think this is going to end up like the watching the pistons fly through the hood post?? I'm psychic.
Ebay has couple of tCs sold for $15,000 - one with 25 miles, another with 3200. Still not too bad.
The main reason I priced it that way was based on the other tCs just like mine on AutoTrader and The truth is that my tC is lower than most of the other tCs on there (without mods). Go ahead, do a search. In a lot of states it takes months to get your hands on one. ALSO, I belong to two other Scion tC forums and I surveyed a bunch of folks as to how much I should sell it for and this was the number the general consensus came to. Supply and demand folks- if I can get it- I'll take it.

But please, don't let me interupt your ignorant, unwarranted comments in the middle of my classified ad. Gee, I just can't figure out why I don't hang out on this forum as much as my other ones.

Merry freakin' Christmas
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Also, many people are on waiting lists. some would also not mind to get one a little early for an extra G. you know....a christmas gift for a love one ect..
Almost the price of a $600 ps2 when it ...ran out!
This happens a lot with cars you can't buy today. I remember when Vipers were new. people were selling their "position" in line to buy. Guys (and Gals) were getting $5 - 10K for letting someone purchase one now. This already on top of the dealer pack.

I actually thought about it last month, but I don't feel like taking the risk. We don't need two tCs in the house.
hahahahah. omg. DId you guys look at the other priced Tc's they are in the 20's. How is it that a scion can gain value with more use???? Its a standard production scion?? isn't another sion Tc coming out soon??
he said it best with supply and demand.

the value of these cars aren't really going down. used scions are booking just under new scions. instant classic? maybe. not enough cars for the people who wish to buy seems more the case.

i would charge more too. Somebody will pay the price if they REALLY wanted the car that bad.
I must be the luckiest person alive, when I went to the dealer they had a white 5 speed on the lot with my name on it.
Originally posted by Fallow@Jan 15 2005, 04:05 AM
I must be the luckiest person alive, when I went to the dealer they had a white 5 speed on the lot with my name on it.
How is that? Is your last name Scion?
i will sell mine to the first $21,500 its yours
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