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FS: Weapon R CAI and RamAir Kit

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Selling a new Secret Weapon ColdAir Intake, also a new RamAir Kit.

want to sell for around 220$. PM me with offers please.
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pictures would aid
ram air kit helps add 10-15% more horsepower when installed with the secret weapon intake
Originally posted by goldenchild@Oct 17 2005, 07:44 PM
pictures would aid
These products have never been used and were purchased by myself about a month ago. They look the same as they would in any picture.
if this is the complete system with cold air box and ram air kit i'll take it. i want to see actual pics of what you are selling though.
There is no box. Only ram air kit and intake system. I will post pictures later on tonight for I am at school right now.
Looks good. I like the flower back drop. I just saw a thread by pinkstonm who's trying to decide if he should buy an intake or exhaust for his son as a gift. You should see if you could sell him on it.

just a thought.
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Anyone willing to meet my offer?
you have been BUMPED!

its still available folks
i cannot do 200 shipped. i will be losing 260 for a new unit. on the other hand i am willing to do 200 not shipped.
Would you be willing to sell the Intake by itself? Not interested in the Ram air kit.

Nobody wants this for a holiday gift? i mean it has been sitting around on my couch for a few months now collecting dust, im sure someone could take it off my hands for a reasonable price
1 - 20 of 39 Posts
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