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FS: Viper 550ESP Car Alarm/Remote Start $120

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DEI Viper 550 ESP Car Alarm with Remote Start. Factory Refurbished with 90-day warranty from Directed Electronics, Inc. (DEI). I bought it last week and decided to go another route with my car security, so there is nothing wrong with the system as far as I know. Still in factory box.

$120 shipped within the continental U.S.

Full Description/Specifications:

Directed Electronics Viper 550ESP
Remote Start / Car Alarm

This is the ultimate car alarm with keyless entry by Directed Electronics. You get two 3-button transmitters. This system should only be installed by a professionally-trained technician.

Product Includes:

- +/- Doorlock Polarity Outputs
- Two 4-button Remotes
- 4 channels
- 5 zones
- Flashing L.E.D. light
- Valet switch
- Bitwriter programmable 4th channel output
- XHF super Antenna
- Longer run time: 12, 24 or 60 minutes programmable.
- Complete engine monitoring: Off, voltage, or tach
- Dedicated factory security control wires.

Please note: Additional parts and labor may be required. This product is intended for installation by a professional installer only! Any attempt to install this product by any person other than a trained professional may result in severe damage to a vehicle's electrical system and components and may void the manufacturer's warranty.
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Originally posted by JZA70@Aug 14 2004, 10:48 AM
what route did you decide to go?
Viper w/o remote start. Less of a pain to install.
This is only for people with automatics, since manuals can't have autostart.
Originally posted by SilverX@Aug 14 2004, 07:41 PM
This is only for people with automatics, since manuals can't have autostart.
Thanks for the reminder. I was today by a tech at Hifi Buys why they don't install auto-start systems on cars with manual transmissions -- because sometimes people leave their cars in gear when they turn them off, and if you auto-started it like that, it would, you know, roll away...

Sorry, but I think it's a pretty darn funny mental picture...
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I don't think it will roll away, but it would probably stall pretty badly and you'd cause some serious problems with your tranny

Actually, funny you should mention that. This week a had a friend at Audiotronics write up a quote for my sub/amp and I asked him about an auto-start and whether or not I could get one on my 5spd. The other guy behind the counter said they don't install them on 5spds because they aren't into killing children. I was a bit confused, but the guy was laughing at my friend so I figured there was a funny story to tell, that didn't actually involve hurting children.

He said that they don't install them on 5spds and then proceeded to tell me a story about how he had installed an auto-start on his 5spd because he knew how to do it and figured he wouldn't forget to leave it in neutral.

He said one day he and his girlfriend were in the parking lot and he remote started his truck...he heard it running and there were no worries....then a little later he saw a truck coming through the parking lot towards the building, and he was like, "Oh S&$*!" He said the truck barrelled through the parking lot, rammed into the back of the building (where they have their shop and install audio, video, etc. into vehicles), and nearly tore through the bathrooms 1/2 way through the building.

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aww man thatd be depressing -____-, man i didnt know you coudlnt use an auto start on a manual, or i woulda jumped on this most likely =)
Well, I'm still looking for a buyer...

FYI, you don't HAVE to activate the remote start portion, and it would be cheaper not to; even without using that portion this is cheaper than what you'd pay for a Viper alarm by itself.
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