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FS: tanabe springs or tein tech

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ok heres the deal if u want any type of springs that i can get then ill take 30 bucks off the sale price. i got a gift card and i want the cash so ask me what kind ill price it for u it.

tenabe springs

those 200 obo brand spanking new right out of the box so if u want it pm

tien tech i think the H for like 150

all the prices are from a store
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you got any trd springs?
how much then?
i wantr tien s tech's how much?
Hey man if yous till got the deal i'l take the goldline for scion tc if you have em let me know thanks
hey, i was wonderin if you still have the deal going on?
this was a wasted post if he isnt gonnsa com back on?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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