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FS: Stock Tires and Rims

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Just got my tC yesterday with the 18 in. wheel option. The dealer said that we could take a $200 credit thing in exchange for the stock wheels or just take the wheels instead of getting the money. Turns out that that tires and rims together go for four hundred and something apiece. So I decided to take the old wheels home with me (which are actually new) and try to sell them for something more than the insulting $200. I may just find a shop or something to sell them to but if anyone is interested in buying the stock tires and wheels brand new and never used then send me a private message.
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got pics of your ride with the 18s on it?

I can get some, I'll take a few this weekend, maybe after I get the windows tinted.
^^^ That's the only pic I have so far. It was taken with a cell phone when I first picked it up from the dealer.

OMG those are hot! How much was that option, again?
Around $1600 or $1700, but I was able to keep the stock wheels which I can hopefully sell and make that price seem a lot lower. What I liked the most was that the rims came with Pirelli Pzero tires, which are pretty nice.
those look sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally posted by LoopyLady_1@Aug 12 2004, 02:39 PM

OMG those are hot! How much was that option, again?
i second that Drooooooooool !!!!!!

makes me wanna go put my order on some wheels right now, although i've been
seriously considering them TRD 19's

that's cool that they gave ya the Pirelli PZero Nero's (i need some of those.. be nice
having my name on my tires..
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ooohhh i've seen those rims before, just the picture was blurry, nice rims =)
Thanks a lot guys.
Are the center caps on the stock wheels removable ?
I need a set of winter wheels for my WRX these one are the right offset and bolt pattern but I dont want those scon center cape in them. If the centercaps are removable we should talk I will make you an offer on the wheel and tires
Originally posted by manchild83@Oct 4 2004, 11:28 AM
.. but I dont want those scon center cape in them...
It's like "SUBRU"
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are the rims still for sale? how much are you asking and where do you live?
how much are you askin for the tc rims + tires?
i m interested
and how much for shipping cost?
lemme know the details
I'm lloking for just (1) 17" stock rim to replace a damaged.
Please, "Andfx8" let me know if you can do something for me.
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