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I have the following available for immediate purchase:

Stock intake with filter and plastic fender snorkel (no rubber line, though). Entire thing for $50+shipping OBO.
Stock taillamps. The pair for $150+shipping or individual pieces (specify left or right unit) for $100+shipping.
Stock low beam bulbs, on the car for maybe a week. $10+shipping for the pair.
Sylvania Silverstar low beam bulbs, used for a couple months. $15+shipping for the pair.
Stock high beam bulbs, pretty much completely unused. $10+shipping for the pair.
Stock springs, only on the car for 4000 miles. $75+shipping for the set, $25+shipping per piece (specify front or rear), OBO.
Stoch headlamps, $175 for the pair, $100 per piece if bought individually.

I will have the following available within a few weeks:

If anyone is interested in any of my stuff, please let me know...



EDIT: Obviously, if you're close to New York City, then there's no cost for shipping. Actually, I'd prefer this.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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