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Got a few things to sell.

Scion tc TRD supercharger unit. It was just rebuild with brand new bearings and seals. Bearings are genuine Nachi precision bearings that is rated 85000 (well above stock) and seals are made of viton to which stand high temp. After the rebuild, the blower does run a lot louder, I don't know if the bearings need to be broken into or not but everything runs fine. There is no shaft play and has absolutely no oil leak. This blower is ready to go and would last you a very long time. Rebuild was done after about 30,000 miles. Asking for $700 shipped. Or $600 picked up.

I also have parts of a supercharger. The supercharger is completely dismantled and is missing the impeller, outer casing that covers the impeller and pulley. All the gears and housing is in great condition however and is perfect for spare parts. The shaft is in perfect condition as well. This would fit on a tc because this is the model that has two idler pully at the end. Asking for $200 shipped or $130 picked up.

Here is a few items for the supercharger i have that needs a new home. All price are marked with shipping included:

Spark Plugs: 4 TRD Denso K22PR-U with about 30,000 miles $25

NST 9.5lb pulley light blue color. $100

Gates belt for the 9.5lb pulley (practially new ~100miles) $30
(if Pulley and belt bought together, I'll let it go for 120shipped)

Original Serpentine Drive 7PK2325 (Dayco) still in good condition no cracks ~30,000 miles. $15

Supercharger air intake hoses comes with hose clamps $40

Supercharger Heat shield $35

Bosch bypass valve $30

Supercharger transmission mount $100

TRD flashed ECU for 07-10 manual $150

OEM fuel rail $30

Those are the things i can think off the top of my head. All the items is close to a complete kit except for a few things like tapped oil pan, oil line, fuel injectors, t fitting,a few other easy to find parts. Just let me know if you are looking for a complete kit and we can work something out.

Pictures will come up tonight after I get off of work!
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