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I have a red OBX shift knob was on my buddys car for a day then took it off. because he got a entire Carbon fiber one for his Birthday. so let me know goin for around $30 bought new $50
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which OBX is it, if its the chrome fatboy, i will take it.
No it isnt the chrome fat boy. here is a pic
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i thought that was the chrome fatboy, just in red. its still similar to what i want, but red.
Oh ok you still want it or no let me know.
why you selling it? it fits the stock shifter right, so it will fit my CC sts? hmmm...

i'll take it off your hands for $20 shipped. i dont care for the red, and i can get the one i want (chrome) for 26 bucks at mcgeorge. im just offering a price so you can get rid of it, i know you want to get rid of it. let me know. thank you.
if you read my first post i am selling it because my friend found a different shift knob that he liked better and he took it off. so thats why i am selling it. My friend says no on the 20 shiped that shift knob is straight from Scion so he said 20 shiped is way to low for it sorry dude. we can do at least 30 shiped thats it.
nah i will pass, thanks anyway. good luck selling them.
Ok thats fine dude thanx for the offer.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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