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FS: NEW 2005 TC Front End Mask/Car Bra

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For anyone that is interested I've listed a new in box Scion front end mask and rear cargo net, also new, on Ebay. The bidding starts at $0.99 with no reserve for both items. The listing number is:


Neither item has ever been used or mounted on my TC.
Good luck bidding!
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Oh. I thought the cargo net was sold separately, but all I found was tights

Why don't you split em up - will make more dough. And I already have the frount end mask - good thing for trips, btw.
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too bad you auctioned it. i would have bought it outright from you, but i dont bid on ebay any more.
no, recovering addict.
<-- Unrecovered and unabashed addict
<-- not really an addict, but a big fan of the idea / concept.
<-- Can point at himself too.
Does the front end mask cover the full front end like bumper, hood and the like?
^^^ yes.
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