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FS: Indiviual Stock Wheels

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I gave up on trying to sell my wheels as a set..I figured i could sell them easier individually and thats what this post is all about.Those who are tC owners out there if you would like to buy an extra stock wheel as either a better spare tire or either you possibly have a bad ding in a rim you'd like to replace. If anyone is up for just buying one tC stock wheel just give me a reply to this post or e-mail me at [email protected] and we can talk about price.
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Sounds like you haven't had any luck selling the set huh? How much did you try to sell them for? I plan on selling my stock once my car comes back from the body shop (I got in an accident way back when).
i heard other ppl were going to different forums to sell their wheels, you could try that cuz i know if i were rolling in an older car, these rims would be nice, also is whether there bad? it might just be good to keep ur rims for ur own =) o well but yah
I have a buyer from TX who wants $600 dollars shipped and i don't know if i should go about and proceed with the deal or not, but i think im just gonna do it. If you have any idea how much you think it will be to ship them just let me know on this post, shipping from CA to TX 4 wheels and tires and who should i ship it through?
I posted on a matrix forum to advertise my wheels as a set for $600 shipped.. If anyone has doubt in there tC wheels and tires I'm willing to sell the set to whom ever is in need. Let me know if youre interested ASAP because i want my new wheels dearly..Ive put about 2700 miles on the tires and the wheels are in great shape..If anyone has any better suggestions on other good forums let me know and ill try to sell there as well..If there are any questions e-mail me at [email protected]


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Where are you located?? I am interested in two if you still have them...
I'm in just (1) one rim, prefer without tire.
Please let me know: [email protected]
I'm intrested in one and willing to pick it up my girlfriend curbed one wheel.

Email me at [email protected]
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