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I'm selling my Escort Passport 8500 x50 radar detector (with RED L.E.D. display) for $180 plus shipping. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it, it works great and it's practically mint condition. I have all the original packaging with all the original hardware that came with it, all mint as well. I'll even throw in the hard-wire kit to eliminated the cord on the dashboard, never been used. I'll get pics of it on here sometime tomorrow.

My reason for selling the detector is I need to raise money to have my front bumper repainted because there's half a fist sized spot in the bumper with all the paint stripped off cause while I was washing the car with the power hose, the water got underneath a rock chip and blew the paint away. I get pissed off everytime i see it (I'll get pics of soon). So yeah. Help me out here...


EDIT: PRICE HAS DROPPED TO $180 plus shipping.
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