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FS: Car Accessories

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Ok I am selling some car accessories on ebay at

and can get more if you want just pm for some info: I currently have a Alpine IVA-d300 factory sealed with warranty that I can sell for $1075 shipped from me directly or ebay if you want me to put it up there to feel more secure.
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That's not bad... all of your items are only one cent!!!

but shipping is a bit high... the laptop will be shipped for almost $1500... do the people bidding on your items know it's that high for shipping? You should make it a bit more clear in the description... it's a bit misleading.... Don't you think?
thats a lil dirty dont you think., i understand you put "note shipping" in your first sentence, but that's sorta shady in my eyes
Your listings will probably be removed by eBay for obviously trying to circumvent their fees.
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